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How the Project Library (aka Object Naming Portal) in DS Command works

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The purpose of the Project Library is to provide a location for:

  • Checking Families in use on your project, summarised by Category-Family-Type

  • Seeing which Model/s use those Families

  • Seeing Elements that belong to those Families

  • Checking the Level of Elements that belong to those Families

  • Checking the Zone of Elements that belong to those Families

  • Providing a way to set a 'new Name' for that Family, such that the new name could be automatically written back to the authoring tool (Revit)

  • Triage and push elements to Asset Portal, using the 'Is Asset' field

Related Platform Components

Closely related platform components include:

Project Library Automations

There are multiple automations that occur in order to populate the Project Library.

Generally they occur in this order:

  1. Add Entries to the Project Library (by Project and File)

  2. Populate Element Membership (by Project and File)

    1. adds new elements

    2. set currency flag to 0 for deleted elements

  3. Run File Membership Sync

    1. removes redundant file membership entries

    2. adds new file membership entries

  4. Add Level Information to child tables

    1. mode 1 supports file name pattern methodology and only 1 level per file (legacy)

    2. mode 2 supports element level metadata calculation based on 'Level' parameter

  5. Set Zone Detection field on element child table

  6. Rebuild found_in_discipline list

  7. Rebuild found_in_level list

  8. Rebuild found_in_zone list

  9. optionally - populate a special parameter like CAT Code to the Naming Portal

Order of Automations

These can be run:

  • on-demand

  • by Model

They are generally contained as shown below:

  • update_asset_portals

    • add entries to Project Library

    • add element membership to Project Library

    • set currency flag for element membership in Project Library

    • add file membership to Project Library

  • update_asset_portals_levels

    • add Level metadata using 'Level' parameter to elements in Project Library

  • update_asset_portals_zones

    • set associated Zone metadata using spatial information from nominated Zone model to elements in Project Library

  • update_asset_portals_final

    • set 'found in discipline list' field to Project Library

    • set 'found in level list' field to Project Library

    • set 'found in zone list' field to Project Library

    • set 'CAD Code' field to Project Library

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