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Asset Data Automation Using Family Name Mapping
Asset Data Automation Using Family Name Mapping

A specific workflow with associated automations for checking and generating quality Asset Metadata on your project

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When working with massive projects, it is almost impossible to check and manage required asset data manually.

Deep Space provides multiple tools to make this process easier. This article describes the 'Family Name Mapping' methodology.

Family Name Asset Data Workflow

  1. Audit and Rectify Model Family Names (using DS Command Project Library aka Object Naming Portal and Family Renamer Automation)

  2. Use the target family name to 'map' required metadata

  3. Identify which data must be filled in manually (such as by engineers)

  4. Collect that data through DS Command web portal OR through Excel spreadsheet

  5. Load manually gathered metadata to Deep Space

  6. Finally join / merge automated metadata along with manually input metadata to produce final data outputs

  7. Optionally: write that data back to Revit with Revit Write Back Automations.

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