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Working With Buildings and Sites
Working With Buildings and Sites

How to work with multiple Buildings inside your Deep Space Project

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"Buildings" in Deep Space are attached to a project.

You may have a hospital project that includes 5 or 6 different buildings.

Various Deep Space dashboards are able to refer to "Buildings" data for analysis purposes.

Generally, you should:

  1. Create Buildings for your Project

  2. Apply Source Files to specific Buildings (where applicable)

Creating Buildings

Use DS Command > Projects > Buildings

Allocating Your Models to Buildings

Use DS Command > Files > BIM Files >

Filter by Project and Search the Filenames:

Multi-select and use Update:

Set your Building and choose Update Now:

Creating Sites

Create them at DS Command > FM > Sites:

Connecting Your Building to a Site

A "Site" in Deep Space can be used in FM workflows.

When viewing a Building in DS Command, you choose to allocate it to a Site as shown:

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