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How to Use the Model Audit App on Deep Space Explorer+

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Getting Started

  1. Purchase Deep Space Explorer+ and the Model Audit app addon

  2. Ensure you have created Teams and allocated the Files to them for this Project (automatically with Make-Teams-From-File-Disciplines or manually)

  3. Navigate to the Model Audit app

  4. Click Refresh Dataset if you haven't done so already

  5. Wait for your notification, then reload the page (Ctrl+R)

Model Audit Release Notes

August 2023 Release

New Features

  • Audit Criteria interface rebuilt in DS Command

Custom Reporting

  • Write your own Audit Criteria list

  • Map to any Deep Space automated criteria

  • Optionally map to Deep Space LOD Checking by Category

  • Report Deployment

    • support Parent Discipline

    • support workspace automation

Parent Disciplines defined in:

Fast Commenting

  • Support ability to click from Audit entry

  • Override result

  • Add Comment

  • Support fast refresh using lighting bolt


  • Jump to specific report page from report

  • Phase filtering for audit criteria

  • Searchability for audit criteria

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