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Loading a Revit Upgrade Report Into Deep Space
Loading a Revit Upgrade Report Into Deep Space

A Revit Upgrade Report can be used to identify problems with upgrading models to a new Revit version

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Deep Space can already load Revit Warnings directly via the API.

But sometimes, you receive a Revit Upgrade Report that describes Errors and Warnings when upgrading to a new Revit version.

The below process is in Beta...

You should have access to a HTML file.

  1. Open the HTML file

  2. Search for the filename of the file you are interested in

  3. Copy the 'piece' of that file that resembles JSON. You can use VS Code and the expand / collapse arrow on the left to assist with this >

  4. After you have copied the JSON snipped, paste it into a new text file

  5. Currently, the module reads a file from box. It should be prefixed with the workspace name.

  6. Run the module - it will read data into the upgrade_report table on Deep Space.

  7. Repeat for all files

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