How Deep Space has been used for various tracking workflows

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The latest release of the Track App supports:

  • sync with factory fabrication API

  • Tracking Workflows in Deep Space

We have continually developed and improved tracking workflows in Deep Space. The various generations of this are described below:

  • Mode 1 with Revizto - tracking models in Revizto are 'stamped', and Deep Space automation takes care of the rest. Also included ability to record or 'verify' delivery to site.

  • Mode 2 with Workshop Spreadsheet injection - the tracking sheets from steel fabricators can be loaded to Deep Space, which drives automation including colouring of models. All tracking data could be updated in the Steel Tracking portal.

  • Mode 3 2022 - This is our latest tracking workflow. It includes:
    - ability to load fabrication data
    - automations that colourise the model in Revizto. Supports multiple models with different steel tracking assembly parameters.
    - ability to stamp objects in Revizto to record installation status.
    - dashboards and data export

Mode 3 2022 workflow diagram can be viewed here.

Related workflow steps are described here:

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