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Project Timelines and Programme Management
Project Timelines and Programme Management

Deep Space provides connectors as well as integrated data management

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Recommended Method

The Project Timelines table provides ability to manage:

  • Project Phase start and finish dates

  • Project Milestones

You can optionally edit the End Date OR Duration.

Excel Template Method

  1. Download the Excel Template

  2. Update project ID

  3. Update the fields:

    1. task_type

    2. task_name

    3. start_date

    4. end_date

  4. For milestones, you only need to enter the milestone name and the start_date

  5. Use the Excel Connector to load the data to the project_timelines table

  6. Refresh relevant App datasets

DS Command Method

Probably the easiest way is to use a previous project:

  1. Access Project Timeline

  2. Filter by previous Project

  3. Select All

  4. Use With Selected - Copy

  5. Modify this field: project_id - set to new Project

  6. Manually Edit Data

Editing Tips

  • You should be able to freely edit the Start and End Dates.

  • If you edit the Duration and want to force end date to update, use the Refresh option

  • Milestones - the Task Name must be set to Milestones

  • Design Phases - the Task Type must be set to Phases

  • Total Project - the Task Type must be set to Development, the Task Name should be the project_id, like 55

Data Entry Example 1

Data Entry Example 2

Visual Example

This functionality generally exists to support Programme, Schedule, Phase or 4D workflows.

Other Methods

Historically, we have created methods to import and relate external programme data to Deep Space.

DS Command Interfaces for Programme

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