Auditing File Names with Deep Space

How Deep Space is used for checking File Names comply with the Project Requirements

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Recommended Method

Deep Space supports defining a Project Filename Structure with the following values:

  • delimiter - example is hyphen '-'

  • number of parts - number like 5, between 1 and 10

  • file extension - text like '.rvt'

Each part of the filename is further customisable using a 'part type', using one of the following values:

When Whitelist is used, the actual list of acceptable values can be defined for that part of the filename.


  • only 1 filename structure pattern is supported for each project

  • up to 10 parts of the filename pattern can be defined and checked

  • the following dynamic patterns are supported:
    ProjectIdentifier - from projects_def (project_identifier)
    DisciplineCode - from team_bim (Pri_Abbrev)
    BuildingCode - from project_buildings (Revit_Building_Code)

  • Whitelists are support for every part of the filename pattern

  • only 1 extension is supported per filename structure pattern

Legacy Methods

These data views were previously used:

  • audit_filenames_reqd - auto generated filenames in the structure of:

  • audit_filenames_detailed_reqd - auto generated filenames in the structure of:

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