Workspace Settings

using DS Command to configure your workspace

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Note that Workspace Settings can affect many dashboards and interfaces across your Deep Space instance.

Open DS Command and click on Settings in the menu at bottom-right.

In this space, you can configure:

  • Logo

  • Discipline List

Defining a Standard Discipline List for your Workspace

For the Discipline List, these are the accepted values:

  • Deep Space Shared - uses a curated list of Disciplines that are shared across all Deep Space users

  • Revizto Workspace - uses the discipline list stored in `ws_revizto_user_report_departments`

When use_as_model_discipline is ticked, this becomes a special filtering discipline, especially in apps such as LOI Pro that use a preset list of disciplines.

Defining a Template Project

Use the Dashboard Template option to select your template project:

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